Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif’s lawyers quit corruption trial in protest

A group of lawyers defending Pakistan’s former prime minister in his corruption trial have quit in protest against a court deadline that they say is too close to national elections.

Nawaz Sharif, who was removed as prime minister in 2017 by the Supreme Court for allegedly concealing overseas assets, faces charges of money laundery, tax evasion and building off-shore assets.

The trial was scheduled to conclude this week, but the Supreme Court extended the deadline to July 10, a fortnight ahead of parliamentary elections in which Sharif’s party is a frontrunner.

“We have decided not to pursue the trial because our request for an indefinite extension was rejected,” Sharif’s chief attorney Khawaja Haris told reporters on Monday.

The court indicted Sharif, his daughter and son-in-law over charges related to his two previous terms in power in 1990s. The probe into the family was triggered by the Panama

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