How trillions of dollars were stolen by greedy African despots and kept in the West

Poor African countries have trillions of dollars stacked up in European banks and in United States’ institutions with limited knowledge of their existence.

These monies were stolen by leaders whose greed got them to deny their people the basic necessities of life while they enrich themselves and their families.

One of such leaders is Nigerian despot, Sani Abacha, who is believed to have stolen over $5 billion and kept them in banks abroad. His criminal ways were uncovered after his death in 1998 and the country is fighting to recover the few monies they are aware of.

A few months ago, Switzerland repatriated $322 million looted by Abacha and kept in their banks. The money follows the $700 million Switzerland returned to Nigeria after Abacha’s demise.

Switzerland, a safe haven for stolen money and other ill-gotten

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