Ex-Pakistan PM given 10-year prison sentence

A court in Pakistan has sentenced former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to 10 years in prison over corruption charges linked to property purchases in Britain.

Tax evasion and other allegations against Sharif surfaced following a massive leak of documents known as the Panama Papers. The data shed light on the offshore financial transactions of world leaders.

In its ruling on Friday, the court also ordered Sharif to pay a fine of more than 10 million dollars.

Sharif was in London at the time of the ruling, citing his wife’s ill health.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court disqualified Sharif from office in July last year. But he was expected to continue exerting an influence in politics as a leading figure of the governing party he founded.

Sharif is now likely to stay outside Pakistan to avoid imprisonment. That could deal a blow to the party ahead of general elections scheduled for July 25th.

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