Paying the Price of Reforming Pak: Nawaz Sharif on 10-Yr Jail Term

Sharif, referring to the imprisonment handed to him, said that he has been punished because he tried to turn the course of Pakistan’s 70-year history.

“I promise that I will continue this struggle until Pakistanis are freed of the chains that they are kept in for saying the truth,” a defiant Sharif told reporters in London.

“I will continue my struggle till the people of Pakistan not freed of the slavery imposed on them by some generals and judges,” he added.

The PML-N President and Nawaz Sharif’s brother, Shehbaz Sharif also rejected the convictions calling them “unjust and politically motivated”.

According to Hindustan Times, Sharif said, “If the price of stopping the theft of the vote is chains, handcuffs and jail, I am coming back to pay this price. I am coming back to join you to stop those those who are stealing your vote, your independence and your prosperity.”

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