Colombia’s new finance minister; an unapologetic Panama Papers …

Colombia’s President-elect Ivan Duque on Wednesday reappointed the controversial former finance minister of his political patron, former President Alvaro Uribe.

Incoming Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla is an economist and investment banker, and not afraid of controversy; he has called the neglected Choco province a “burden” and has called Colombia’s monthly minimum wage, which now stands at $270, “ridiculously high.”

When he was finance minister between 2003 and 2007, Carrasquilla introduced a number of highly controversial measures like “tax free zones” for foreign companies, lower pensions for wage earners and higher pensions for former government executives like himself.

During his last two years as minister, the government suspended the publication of poverty statistics, and extreme poverty increased from 13.6% to 16.4%, according to statistics agency DANE.

Colombia’s poverty and inequality statistics

According to the president-elect, Carrasquilla “was a successful minister in previous years,.. has profound knowledge of monetary and tax issues” and “has

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