Danske Bank Top Official Latest to Resign

The head of compliance at Danske Bank, Anders Meinert Jorgensen, resigned Wednesday amidst a money laundering scandal that has been unraveling over the last four months.

Danske BankJorgensen is only the most recent top official to resign after a series of revelations showed flaws in anti-money controls in the banks’ Estonia branch. In April, the head of business banking, Lars Morch, and the head of Baltic business banking, Tono Vanajuur, both left their posts.

The most recent update came out last week, when a new leak of bank data estimated the total amount of money laundered through Danske at US$8.3 billion. 

Danske Bank was named in the Panama Papers investigations by OCCRP and partners and was a crucial component of OCCRP’s recent investigation, The Azerbaijani Laundromat.

The Laundromat investigation used two years’ worth of records from four accounts at

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