Panama Papers: Politician to chawl resident, first cases sent to court

Politician to chawl resident, first Panama cases sent to courtPolitician to chawl resident, first Panama cases sent to court Panama Papers: Details accessed by The Indian Express show that the first Panama Papers case was filed in a Kolkata court on December 9, 2016, just eight months after the expose.

Just over two years after the Panama Papers revelation, the Ministry of Finance announced that Rs 1,140 crore was traced in undetected income and in assets of Indians who incorporated offshore companies through Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian law firm that has now shut shop.

The government also revealed that 16 Indians are facing prosecution in courts in different cities.

Now details have emerged of these cases to show the status of these prosecutions. Each case was filed after the foreign jurisdiction sent Indian authorities information on holdings and assets of

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