July 20, 2018

PANAMA CITY — A year-long investigation of drug smuggling into the Bay County Jail has resulted in 27 arrests and more than 120 charges, with more expected, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday. “We’re very pleased with the results of the investigation,” Sheriff Tommy Ford said. “It’s been a lot of hard work on […]

Imran Khan, the Pakistani cricket star, anti-corruption crusader and politician, appears to be within reach of his cherished goal of winning the July 25 Pakistan National Assembly (NA) elections and becoming Prime Minister. However, the political history of Pakistan shows that politicians come to power with one attractive credential or the other, only to end […]

Bribery: The chief executive of Citgo was ordered to surrender his U.S. visa as prosecutors investigate bribery by its parent, Venezuela’s state-owned oil company. (AP) A federal judge rejected a former Hong Kong minister’s bid to toss FCPA charges. (SCMP) A former Chinese provincial official was sentenced to 15 years in prison for bribery. (Xinhua) […]

The sun is shining on the region’s economies, but sustaining growth will hinge on US polices on immigration, trade and aid. As the nations of Central America—Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua—strive to build economic strength, their rich neighbor up north is both a blessing and a curse. The US, Latin […]

Data from 2016 NBS-UNODC study of Crime and Corruption in Nigeria published in 2017, suggests that per 100 bribe payers in Nigeria, 20% will refuse to pay, 30% will pay and for the last 50%, it would depend on survival considerations, suggesting this ratio could be more like 20:30:50 in the case of Nigeria   […]