Professionals against corruption?

Data from 2016 NBS-UNODC study of Crime and Corruption in Nigeria published in 2017, suggests that per 100 bribe payers in Nigeria, 20% will refuse to pay, 30% will pay and for the last 50%, it would depend on survival considerations, suggesting this ratio could be more like 20:30:50 in the case of Nigeria


Nigeria need a response to one of the conclusions of the 2016 London Anti-Corruption Summit that activities of intermediaries such as lawyers and accountants must be better monitored for vulnerabilities to facilitating corruption and movement of proceeds of corruption. The Panama Papers largely unmasked the extent to which intermediaries, and professional services firms were involved in such corruption schemes.


The communique after the London Summit expressed this resolve in its paragraph 8, as follows: In the non-financial professional services sector, we call on all countries to regulate and effectively supervise the legal, accounting, property, trust and company

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