The Goal Seems Close for Imran Khan But Is It Really?

Imran Khan, the Pakistani cricket star, anti-corruption crusader and politician, appears to be within reach of his cherished goal of winning the July 25 Pakistan National Assembly (NA) elections and becoming Prime Minister.

However, the political history of Pakistan shows that politicians come to power with one attractive credential or the other, only to end up losing it either because they turn out to be corrupt and vindictive earning the peoples’ wrath or they lose the support of the powerful army, which has its own vested interests to safeguard.

Pakistan has had three military coups and four phases of military rule since it came into existence 71 years ago which is a measure of the place of the army in Pakistani politics.

Imran Khan is today an anti-corruption icon and appears to be having the backing of the army. But it remains to be seen as to how long his image of being

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