The greens faulty, fake campaign to disinvest from fossil fuels

Some of America’s most prominent environmentalist groups are secretly investing in oil and natural gas, even as they publicly push groups to divest from fossil fuels. That’s the takeaway from an explosive new report from NBC.

These organizations aren’t merely hypocritical – they’re actively harming the environment with their lobbying. By urging others to deprive energy firms of capital, environmentalists are delaying the transition away from less environmentally friendly coal-fired power plants towards cleaner, natural-gas powered ones.

Although natural gas is far cleaner than coal, the greens have included gas in their latest effort at economic warfare: demanding divestment from all fossil fuels.

In a public statement released in December 2015, the World Wildlife Fund praised investors who join “the global chorus saying enough is enough when it comes to dirty energy. Whether the motivation is economic, moral, environmental or political, burning coal and other fossil fuels no longer makes sense.”

The American

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