Alzheimer’s startup accelerator, Chance the Publisher, Blavity ramps …

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Dealflow: Follow the Money

Bill Gates is looking for biotech startups with new approaches to Alzheimer’s disease. “Imagine a world where diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease is as simple as getting your blood tested during your annual physical,” Gates wrote in a blog post.

The software billionaire is backing a $30 million accelerator to support early stage biotech companies working on Alzheimer’s research, detection and diagnosis. Gates, whose father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, has pledged $100 million for advancing Alzheimer’s research. The “diagnostics accelerator” of the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation is aiming to fill the gap in funding research without an immediate commercial return by striking a balance “between taking more risks than traditional venture capital funds and being more focused on developing real products for the marketplace than basic research funded by governments or charitable organizations,” the foundation said. The fund’s other backers include Estée Lauder chairman Leonard Lauder, the

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