Pakistan General Elections 2018: A litmus test for democracy

New Delhi: The General Elections on July 25 in Pakistan assume critical importance as for the first time in its electoral history, the south-Asian nation will see three consecutive elections without witnessing a single coup. Traditionally, Pakistan has gained global attention for its geo-strategic location crucial for major powers than for any other reason. At the political level, there has been an of and on transfers of power under the gaze of the military rulers and democratically elected leaders.

On May 21 the Election Commission of Pakistan proposed to hold elections for the National Assembly and four provincial assemblies from July 25 to July 27. Given the highly chequered history of elections in Pakistan, every general election there is looked upon by the political experts across the world with a lot of curiosity and excitement.

The whole run-up to the election took a dramatic turn on July 5  when the former Prime

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