Browder Launches New Money-Laundering Complaint

The London-based financier has lived in fear of Russian retaliation for years, but Browder spent hours in front of television cameras after Putin singled him out. “I’m not backing down,” Browder told Barron’s. “I’m doubling down.”

Browder has gained Putin’s enmity by persuading the U.S. and other western nations to sanction Russian officials who Browder and the U.S. government say were involved in a tax-fraud scheme that hijacked Browder’s Russia-based corporations to steal $230 million from Russia’s Treasury in 2007. Some of that money was laundered through Estonian banks, says Browder in this week’s application to Estonia’s police, alleging that $18 million ultimately went to a Swiss account that was controlled by Sergey Roldugin, a well-known cellist and godfather to Putin’s eldest daughter.

Neither Putin’s presidential office nor Roldugin’s

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