Ticket reselling ban is good news but will it stamp out touts?

New legislation to tackle ticket touting at large concerts and sporting events has been agreed by the Government. That’s good news: ticket reselling – the polite term for ticket touting – has long been a hot button issue for music fans and consumers. Little angers people more than the appearance of tickets on so-called secondary sellers’ websites moments after a concert is “sold out”, usually at many multiples of the face value.

The proposals aim to ban tickets sold at more than face value will apply to “designated venues” which hold 1,000 or more people and will ban the use of “bots” by resellers to purchase tickets on primary ticketing websites such as Ticketmaster.

While there have always been touts standing outside venues selling last-minute tickets to gigs, the internet has allowed savvy touts to buy tickets en masse using “bots” to game the system and to resell them

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