Jersey Finance paid for IEA report rubbishing ‘hotbeds of tax evasion’ claims

A report by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) rubbishing the idea that offshore financial centres were “hotbeds of tax evasion” was paid for by the Jersey financial services sector.

Jersey Finance, which represents banks, law firms and accountants in the Channel Islands crown dependency, gave an undisclosed sum to support the publication. It claimed tax havens boosted the wider economy and that they did not diminish tax revenues in other countries. It also called for their status to be protected.


The Institute of Economic Affairs

The Institute of Economic Affairs was established in 1955 by admirers of the free-market economist Friedrich Hayek. Its mission involves “analysing and expounding the role of markets in solving economic and social problems”. 

In July it launched a £50,000 prize for ideas about

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