Italian Police Arrest Panama Papers “Fixer”

Financial police in Rome said they arrested on Tuesday Gian Luca Apolloni, a purported top-level “fixer” named in the Panama Papers, as well as entrepreneur Roberto Lagana on charges of aggravated tax fraud.

Italian police arrest Panama Papers “fixer”According to the accusations, Lagana’s company, RTS, counterfeited financial records to claim various unearned tax credits and exemptions, local media reported.

Under Apolloni’s guidance, the company faked investments in disadvantaged areas of Southern Italy to take advantage of programs in the tax code meant to stimulate development in economically and socially distressed neighborhoods. 

Through this scheme, the company avoided paying over US$17.5 million in taxes and social security. 

Apolloni is also accused of defrauding eight people of some $2.3 million by giving them phony financial advice, taking payments from the individuals for services he never actually provided.   

Apolloni and Lagana face charges of aggravated fraud, tax

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