Look who’s advocating we pay our taxes now

When asked what Australia’s national pastime is, most people would answer cricket, swimming, or football of some description.

My suggestion would be tax avoidance, and its more devious offshoot – tax evasion.

Australians hate paying tax. We dodge it, minimise it, and grumble about it. Elections are won and lost on the propositions of tax policy.

The recent announcement by the Australian Taxation Office of up to $8.7 billion in lost tax revenue in 2014-15 due to individual taxpayer ‘non-compliance’ comes as no surprise.

The non-compliance came in the form of individuals falsely claiming deductions, incorrectly claiming private expenses and not declaring cash payments as income. The Australian Taxation Office also said it would be using technology and data matching to find mistakes in tax returns lodged for the last financial year, and will be targeting “a smaller number of people who are deliberately doing the wrong thing –

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