Tax crime: how much do we pay for those who don’t?

The PROTAX consortium is looking for answers to questions like these: Why should we pay more taxes or have our public services undermined because someone isn’t paying their fair share? Is there a minority of untouchables that preserves its privileges at the expenses of their fellow citizens and exacerbates social inequalities? The PROTAX project shows that the European Union is determined to ramp up its efforts to combat tax crime, according to PROTAX project coordinator Umut Turksen, Professor of Law at Coventry University.

“The frequent presence in the media of scandals like the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers reminds us of the severe impact that tax evasion and money laundering have on inequality, justice and fairness for EU Member States and citizens both.”

In February, the European Parliament voted to launch an inquiry into financial crime, tax evasion and tax avoidance following the publication of news about the Paradise Papers, and

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