As trust declines globally, can Switzerland remain an exception?

Research shows that trust tends to be higher where there is greater political participation, as here during town-square voting (Landsgemeinde) in canton Glarus.


Switzerland is one of the most trusted countries despite being home to some of the largest companies in the most distrusted sectorsexternal link. There are, however, signs that trust is waning in the wake of the Panama Papers and corporate scandals that hit close to home. 

We are living in an era of distrust according to global surveys. Edelman’s Trust Barometerexternal link in 2018 showed that globally, trust in general has plummeted in the last few years with little sign of recovering. Twenty of 28 markets surveyed lie in distrusted territory, up one from the previous year, and the United States experienced the steepest decline in trust ever recorded. 

The Barometer attributed a big part

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