Could Kroenke’s Arsenal takeover affect Everton?

In a move today that could have ramifications for Everton, Stan Kroenke the majority shareholder at Arsenal has launched a successful takeover of that club.

So why does this potentially affect Everton?

To complete his takeover of the Emirates club, Kroenke is buying out his main rival shareholder Alisher Usmanov.

As some Blues fans may know, Usmanov is a long-time business partner of Everton majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri.

Both men invested in Arsenal, (with Moshiri allegedly getting a loan from Usmanov to do so), before Moshiri sold his stake to Usmanov and took over at Goodison Park.

So ever since Moshiri took control of Everton there have been accusations that the finances he used to buy the Blues were also not entirely his own and that Usmanov had in fact part-financed the deal.

If that was the case it might have broken the Premier

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