Bristolians react with fury to anti-yacht protests

Bristol Live readers have not been shy in making their feelings known about the protest against the super yacht moored in Bristol harbour.

The arrival of billionaire Jim Simons aboard his £75million yacht Archimedes has certainly made waves. And Bristol wouldn’t be Bristol unless somebody decided to stage a protest.

Or two.

Nikki Jones and Fi Radfod told Bristol Live they were “shocked and offended” at the presence of the billionaire’s yacht in austerity-hit Bristol, while the city struggles to find enough money to look after its own people.

(Image: Bristol Post)

The pair demonstrated outside the yacht with banners and placards saying “go away and do something useful with your money” on Tuesday, August 7.

This was followed by a water-borne protest on Tuesday evening which saw two kayakers paddle up and attach a banner to the hull of 68-metre luxury vessel. The activists received

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