To rescue journalism, journalists must collaborate to defend free expression, not merely condemning Trump

Dan Gillmor (previously) writes that journalism is at a crisis point, as authoritarian politicians (including, but not limited to, Trump) step up their attacks on the free press, even assassinating their sharpest critics.

In this world, it’s not enough to simply condemn the autocrat. The free press has to be partisan for its own existence, to set aside competition and collaborate to investigate and unpack the complex circumstances that are demonizing the truth and demolishing the institutions that seek and spread it.

Gillmor uses large, collaborative consortia like the ones that brought us The Paradise Papers and The Panama Papers as examples of what he has in mind, but even bigger and longer-lasting, more ambitious.

It won’t be easy, Gillmor writes, but it’s the best shot the free press has of surviving the new era of corruption and autocracy.

Yes, each of these broader topics has been covered.

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