Cameras can’t capture the Manafort trial

On Thursday, Arthur Lien – who uses the handle @courtartist – tweeted, “Melinda James was an impressive witness today.”

Lien was spot-on. James, a mortgage assistant at Citizens Bank, had just given testimony in the bank and tax fraud trial of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager. While being questioned by Assistant U.S. Atty. Uzo Asonye, she told jurors that Manafort had lied to her about two of his properties. He claimed his daughter lived in one; really, he used Airbnb to rent it out. He said he owned another place outright. In fact, he had a mortgage on it.

Summaries of this testimony appeared far and wide in reporting on the highly publicized trial. Analysts suggested that it showed the jury the relentlessness of Manafort’s lies.

But Lien is not a legal analyst. He’s the courtroom artist assigned to represent the Manafort trial because cameras are banned.
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