Four Pulitzer Center Projects Named Finalists in the 2018 Online Journalism Awards

Four Pulitzer Center projects have been nominated for 2018 Online Journalism Awards, including work published by Foreign Policy, The Texas Tribune, and ICFJ. 

Foreign Policy’s feature “Europe Slams Its Gates” has been named as one of the three medium newsroom feature finalists. For this project, Ty McCormick, Cameron Abadi, Peter Tinti, Nichole Sobecki, and Jill Filipovic investigated the impact of European “pay-to-stay” policies, which pour millions of dollars into African border control, state-building, and counter-terrorism efforts in the hopes of limiting future migration. They explored whether these policies were actually addressing the root causes of the migrant crisis, or simply exporting the ugly side of immigration control. To answer these questions, the team at Foreign Policy followed the migrant trail from Mali to Niger and through Libya.

“The Taking,” which is part of the Pulitzer Center project “Border Fence Land Grab”  produced as a collaboration between The Texas Tribune and ProPublica, is one

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