Cyprus described as Kremlin collaborator by European think tank

By George Psyllides

Cyprus has been described as a Kremlin collaborator in a report compiled by the European Values think tank whose aim is to expose and confront instruments of Russian influence and disinformation operations.

Cyprus, along with Greece, ranked in Group E, or ‘Kremlin collaborators’, over their perceived failure to politically acknowledge the threat and launch counter actions, showing “no meaningful resistance to Russia’s subversive activities.”

The think tank, said country profiles detailing the state of play in individual EU members were compiled using policy reviews, media analyses, and independent expert data.

Cyprus is considered a Kremlin-friendly country, does not feel threatened and is advocating better relations with Russia.

It “often supports Kremlin’s foreign policy objectives, such as stopping further sanctions under arguments related to appeasement or alleged business ties.”

Cyprus, according to the think tank, belongs to a group of countries, which do not perceive any threat coming from Russia and keep a close relationship

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