Matthew Caruana Galizia Claims He Can’t Share ‘Hundreds Of Gigabytes’ Of Corruption Evidence Due To Lack Of …

Data journalist Matthew Caruana Galizia has claimed to have “hundreds of gigabytes of evidence on Egrant, as well as Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi’s corruption” that he couldn’t share due to a lack of protection.

According to Caruana Galizia’s Facebook post, Magistrate Aaron Bugeja warned him that he “would not be protected” if this data was handed over to the investigation.

As a result of this, “half the evidence” was not a part of the inquiry until the German Federal Police bought a copy and handed it over to the Maltese police force.

“The magistrate was working completely blind for almost a year”

The other portion of the alleged evidence consists of emails that were sent after news of the Panama Papers broke.

“These emails contain documents regarding Egrant that were forged by Karl Cini and Luis Quiel, a Mossack Fonseca lawyer who was later fired. Neither Magistrate Bugeja nor the totally incompetent Inspector

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