Delroy Warmington | Pay your taxes or go to jail

This is the ultimatum the Government should give the tax evaders. For too long, these culprits have been given a free ride, causing massive revenue leakage, thus depriving the Government of its entitled taxes.

The main reason why we have this situation is because they can get away with not paying. On the few occasions they are caught, the fines are so minuscule that they regard it as a cost of doing business. When was the last time we have had anyone going to jail for cheating the tax system? Tax evasion should rightly be treated as a criminal, rather than civil, offence. Tax evasion has caused a vortex-shaped hole in the Jamaican economy.

Jamaica is afflicted by the Holy Trinity of crime, corruption, and tax evasion, resulting in a complicated melange. Of these three, tax evasion seems the easiest to address.

It is hard to believe that the Government is manifestly incapable

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