How Can We Save the Amazon and Restore Depleted Fisheries …

Finding solutions to problems like the rising temperatures posed by climate change or the depletion of our fisheries is incredibly daunting. From the simply expensive to the totally impractical, it’s hard for even the most plausible ideas to gain steam and become policy.

Thankfully, a new study suggests that an idea that’s popular for non-environmental reasons — cracking down on billionaire tax havens — will yield immense environmental benefits as well, a revelation that was made possible by the Panama Papers. Indeed, billions funneled through tax shelters like Belize and the Cayman Islands were found to have wended their way toward environmentally damaging cattle and soy projects in the Amazon, as well as legally questionable fishing.

Traditionally, offshore banking and tax avoidance scams have made large parts of the economy hopelessly opaque, but with the trove of leaked documents held by

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