Fake news: Could ‘moral tech’ emerge to protect us?

Currently being blamed for everything from Brexit to influencing the US elections, fake news is increasingly seen as a genuine danger to democracy. And as traditional journalism has beaten a retreat into more click baiting than fact-checking, it looks like we are genuinely in a lot of trouble when it comes to separating fact from Russian Troll Farm manipulation.

Technology is certainly a huge factor in the rise of fake news. It made publishing cheap and, as a result of the intense competition that bred, made traditional sources less visible. However, while the root of the problem, technology may also step in as potential help here – marking a much more hopeful way forward for us all potentially.

In a recent TED talk, for example, legendary investigative journalist Christiane Amanpour said what we need is what she calls “moral technology”, a way of aiding us all to keep an eye on the truth of a

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