Britain’s Prince Charles is worth about US$400 million – so where does his fortune come from?

Prince Charles’ net worth is high enough to provide the long-time heir to the British throne with a kingly existence.

Estimates about how much money the heir apparently has in the bank tend to fall in the hundreds of millions. Go Banking Rates reported that he has US$100 million. Other estimates, however, are considerably higher. According to Time and Town Country, he is worth around US$400 million. Regardless of how many millions of dollars is currently under the prince’s name, it is likely that not all of that money is constantly available to him.

Much of Prince Charles’ income derives from the Duchy of Cornwall. As the longest-serving Duke of Cornwall, he is entitled to the private estate’s annual revenue surplus.

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According to the duchy’s most recent financial statement, the revenue “does not cover official travel or property services, which are funded

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