Corruption Currents: Demonetization Didn’t Work, India’s Central Bank Says


Hungarian opposition parties want an investigation into alleged bribery by Microsoft Corp. after a report that U.S. authorities are probing the company. (AP)

A Swiss court accepted the guilty plea of a former Gunvor Group employee over alleged bribery in Ivory Coast and Republic of Congo. (Bloomberg, Reuters)

BlackGold Natural Resources said bribery allegations won’t affect the firm’s financials or its operations. (NST)

Defense attorneys in the “Fat Leonard” Glenn Francis trial moved for mistrial. (NT)

A former Fiat Chrysler executive received five and a half years in prison for bribing union officials. (AP)

Local cases: A businessman was sentenced to prison for corruption in Opa-Locka, Fla. (release, AP)


Shanghai police are investigating a data leak of 130 million hotel clients that’s for sale on the dark web. (SCMP)

A data breach at Air  Canada revealed travelers’ passport numbers. (BBC)


A U.S. bankruptcy probe turned up evidence

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