Costs crippling war reporting, investigations | News , Middle East …

The cost of war reporting and investigative journalism is becoming prohibitive for media outlets, campaigners have warned. With internet giants like Google and Facebook soaking up advertising revenue while using the content of traditional media for free, quality journalism has been caught in a double bind, experts say.

At the same time it had become more expensive and dangerous to cover conflict zones, said Jean-Francois Leroy, the head of Visa pour l’Image, one of Europe’s most important photojournalism festivals.

A total of 50 journalists have been killed so far this year, according to Reporters Without Borders, known as RSF.

As well as setting out to kill reporters, insurgent groups and criminal gangs have also kidnapped journalists for ransom.

With many fewer reporters doing more and more work, scandals are being missed, which is a major worry for democracy, Ryle argued.

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