Op:Ed: Will Ethiopia ever recover its stolen assets? Processes and …


Nega Gerbaba Tolesa, For Addis Standard

Addis Abeba , August 24/2018 – On May 15, 2018 state media Ethiopian Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said  his  government was pursuing investigations on assets that were stolen extorted from the country and deposited in foreign banks. The Prime Minster informed the Federal Government Ministers in a meeting held at his office that various countries were cooperating with the investigative bodies to return the stolen assets. And in his first ever press briefing on Saturday August 25, he made a passing note, albeit less enthusiastically, about his government’s intent to pursue the chase and told the media that if they have verifiable information they can collaborate with his government. This is a big step in fighting corruption, which was unthinkable four months ago.

So far while the investigation is underway, going by the words

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