Bono’s love affair with the EU is the ultimate sell-out

As a callow youth I loved U2, truly I did. I mulled gravely over Bono’s lyrics and in the band’s Nineties pomp I even paid a ticket-tout £100 to see their grandiose Zooropa tour at the RDS.

That album’s cover featured a corruption of the 12-star European Union flag and I suppose I thought that its eponymous opening track was a sardonic commentary on the empty, godless consumerism of modern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall: “And I have no compass, and I have no map, and I have no reasons, no reasons to get back.”

Twenty-five years on, Bono has announced that his band will display the emblem uncorrupted on its latest tour, as a completely unironic endorsement of the EU and…

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