Is Guyana ready for Mega-Farms and Genetically Modified Seeds (GMO’s)?

By Laura George, Wazir Mohamed,

Marcello Mello, and Medino Abraham

Laura George is the Governance Rights Coordinator for the Amerindian Peoples Association. Dr. Wazir Mohamed is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Indiana University East. Marcello Mello is Brazilian and holds a M.A. in Anthropology from the Federal University of Rio. Medino Abraham is from Santa Rosa and works in the South Rupununi. He  holds an MSc. in Society and Frontier from the Federal University, Roraima, Brazil.

On June 11, 2018 Guyana’s Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) unveiled a memorandum of understanding with the Brazilian Agricultural Machinery and Research Institute to establish an agricultural village in the Rupununi savannahs. Within this arrangement, Brazilian investors who had lobbied since 2009 for access to large tracts of lands in the Rupununi savannahs were given the proverbial green light by

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