Why ‘Notebandi’ inquiry is needed

I remember the evening of November 8, 2016 with graphic precision. There were no TV commitments, it had been a regular day at the office. I was in the middle of a serene mid-distance walk-jog when my mobile phone rang. It was from the media team of the Congress party, who have to continuously juggle allocations of spokespersons to various shows at short notice.

I initially thought it was just another one of those unpredictable last minute-shifts. The voice on the other side had a slight hint of panic. “What’s the news break”, I asked? “Mr Modi is making a big announcement on national TV across all channels. We need to be prepared to respond.”. “To what“, I inquired.

“Something about black-money”.

Black money? My first reaction was that India’s Prime Minister, who had sold the preposterous fantasy of crediting ₹15 lakhs to every Indian citizen’s bank account through a miraculous recovery of

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