MEP Jakovčić Reported to Anti-Fraud Office

Živi Zid secretary general Tihomir Lukanić told reporters the party decided to report Jakovčić after media claims that he received fees both as a member and chairman of the supervisory board of Afarak, a company Lukanić said was owned by a man who presented himself as one of the strategic partners of the Uljanik shipbuilding group.

Lukanić said the party reported Jakovčić because he did not declare either the sources or amounts of his fees. “We expect OLAF to conduct an investigation and contact us… and we will inform the public,” he added.

Damir Gruenbaum, an Istrian County councillor, called out Jakovčić for preferential treatment, nepotism and clientelism in the county and said he controlled a majority of the media.

“The Afarak company for which Mr Jakovčić lobbied is involved in the Paradise Papers affair in Panama where it was discovered in offshore data bases that Mr Končar doesn’t own 30% of Afarak,

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