Bono on fame: ‘Paul is dead. I live here. I’m f***ing Bono’

History, autobiography and anger at the state of the planet run through U2’s Experience + Innocence show, a return to the William Blake-inspired themes that the band explored in their last two albums.

A 360-degree stage ensures that no one in the audience is at a disadvantage. The band move from one end to the other of their 30m-long, 8m-high “barricage” to platforms at either end, while stunning graphics by designer Willie Williams scroll across two almost-transparent LED screens.

The technology is particularly effective when Bono strides down the barricage’s central walkway as cartoon images of his home street, in Dublin, flow past to the music of Cedarwood Road. When the band play Sunday Bloody Sunday the roofs, murals and slogans of republican and loyalist neighbourhoods speed by. A combination of video of the sea and cartoon waves seems to imitate the Japanese printmaker Hokusai as the band play

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