Kulsoom Nawaz, Wife of Jailed Former Pakistan Leader, Is Dead

Sharif family members said arrangements were being made to bring Ms. Nawaz’s body to Lahore, the family hometown, for burial. The funeral will be held on Friday, according to members of Mr. Sharif’s political party. They said Mr. Sharif and his daughter would be allowed to attend.

Kulsoom Nawaz was born on July 1, 1950, in Lahore. She came from a family of wrestlers and was the granddaughter of Ghulam Mohammed Baksh, known as the Great Gama, a renowned wrestler.

Ms. Nawaz was a steadfast companion of her husband, who was prime minister three times but never completed a full term. She was known for her poised, dignified manner. Her interest was in literature, and she took part in politics only when her husband was unable to.

After a 1999 military coup in which Mr. Sharif was ousted and sent to prison, Ms. Nawaz led

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