WATCH: PN MEP David Casa Gets Party Leaders Past And Present Confused

Clip starts at 2:43

A Freudian slip or a genuine mistake? Nationalist MEP David Casa seemingly got confused about who is in charge of his party tonight, referring to Adrian Delia as “Adrian Busuttil”.

Addressing a PN event at the Fosos along with other MEP candidates, Casa warned that the government is in bed with criminals and corrupt people and that it has taken over the country’s institutions.

“The Attorney General has become a government puppet, and it had to be the PN’s new leader Adrian Busuttil to sue him in court [over his refusal to publish the Egrant inquiry] to force him to say why he is acting as he is,” Casa said.

The crowd instantly reacted displeasingly to his slip of the tongue and Casa corrected himself shortly afterwards.

Casa was one of several PN politicians who had criticised Delia’s initial decision a few months ago to suspend Busuttil from the PN parliamentary

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