Murder in Malta

Efimova was a trove of information. According to Caruana Galizia, the documents showed that much of Pilatus’s capital came from four leading members of the Azeri regime including Leyla Aliyeva, daughter of Ilham Aliyev, the president. There were accounts in the names of a number of leading Labour party figures, including Michelle Muscat, wife of the prime minister. One document caused everything to snap into place in Caruana Galizia’s mind: it purported to show a series of transactions that sent $1m from an account belonging to Aliyeva, via Dubai, to a Panamanian company called Egrant. Efimova presented Caruana Galizia with evidence that the beneficiary of this company was none other than Michelle Muscat.

On April 20th 2017, Caruana Galizia published her claims. Within hours, Hasheminejad had landed in Malta. Upon disembarking, he made straight for the Pilatus Bank as night fell, carrying a large, brown briefcase and a black computer bag.

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