‘Nasty, nasty man’: Guardian reporter on being insulted by Trump and breaking the Snowden story

During his time with the publication, MacAskill has been chief political correspondent, diplomatic editor, Washington bureau chief, New York-based reporter, and defence and intelligence correspondent, as well as part of the Guardian team who won a Pulitzer Prize for our coverage of the Edward Snowden story.

When did you decide to become a journalist?

The catalyst was a school trip to the Scottish Daily Express, based in Glasgow. The deputy chief sub-editor showing us around was obviously well-liked and there was a lot of banter between him and other journalists and with the printers. That was it for me. I never wanted to be anything else. That deputy chief sub eventually ended up at the Guardian, Ian Jack. And so, happily, did I.

How did you come to the Guardian?

I was on the Glasgow Herald and the Scotsman and had a couple of stints working overseas. I was interviewed by then

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