His personality changed: Michael Hutchence’s sister on his traumatic brain injury

Everything about Michael looked different, his sister thought. He was paler, duller in the eyes, more slumped in the shoulders. Even the INXS singer’s Byronic curls seemed to have lost their bounce.

It was 1996, the day before Tina Hutchence’s wedding. Earlier, in a fax to her, he’d explained the “unmitigated hell” he was going through, “with the press, the police, a fire, four burglaries, litigation … we have seven or eight writs on our hands”.

Michael Hutchence talks about growing up in Hong Kong

Two months later, a police raid would find drugs in the house he shared with Paula Yates. The next year he would be found dead in a Sydney hotel room from an apparent suicide.

The story of Michael’s final years under siege from the paparazzi has been well documented. Tina says she was moved to write her new book Michael: My Brother, Lost Boy of INXS because

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