HIFF: The Gory Details of Corruption & Death

A reporter works on the Panama Papers project
A reporter works on the Panama Papers project

Our Look at Two Groundbreaking Films on This Year’s Film Festival Roster

by Kara Westerman

I taste-tested two wonderful films from the abundance of The Hamptons International Film Festival’s 2018 roster.

Don’t miss the world premiere of the new documentary, “The Panama Papers”, directed by veteran documentarian Alex Winter, (“Trust Machine”, “Deep Web”), and co-produced by Laura Poitras, (“Risk”, “Citizen Four”), which is a start-to-finish thriller about global money laundering, in an age that one journalist in the film dubbed “near French Revolution levels of economic inequality.”

The film starts when a person calling themselves John Doe offers access to documents from the Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca to two relatively unknown journalists at the paper Süddeutsche

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