CBD: Glencore takes ATO boss to court

Illustration: John Shakespeare

Illustration: John Shakespeare


When former NSW Labor general secretary Jamie Clements was found guilty of unlawfully handing electoral roll information to a union boss in May 2017, head office said it would “quickly move” to expel him from the party.

But he’s still a member, which is no mean feat, considering the matter of his expulsion has been set down for a hearing by the party’s internal tribunal three times since then, including in November, May and finally last month.

Just get it over and done with, comrades. The next hearing date is set for October 15.

And there’s the persistent rumour mill that Clements, who resigned as the general secretary in January 2016 following allegations of sexual harassment being levelled at him, has desires to return, having taken to Twitter to critique the party (and others).

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