Glencore seeks injunction against tax commissioner to prevent use …

The world’s biggest mining company has sought an injunction against Australia’s tax commissioner to force him to return documents it claims were obtained illegally in last year’s Paradise Papers leak.

The Swiss-based multinational Glencore lodged a writ with the high court last week against the ATO commissioner, Chris Jordan, and two of Jordan’s colleagues.

It is trying to prevent the ATO from using documents contained in last year’s huge “Paradise Papers” leak to pursue any tax matters against the miner.

It asserts the documents in question – which were leaked from the Bermuda law firm Appleby – are subject to legal professional privilege so the ATO has no right to rely on them. It has asked the ATO to return the documents multiple times but the ATO has not cooperated.

It hopes the court action will set a legal precedent on the right of

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