Republicans Rigged the System to Enable Crimes Like Trump’s Tax Evasion

Donald Trump’s penchant for telling cruel or unusual lies has been taken as a given for many, many months now. He spouts falsehoods about polls, about voting, about the economy, about himself, and about the women who have accused him of crimes. But the blockbuster New York Times story Tuesday showing how Trump’s family used a variety of legal, semi-legal, and probably outright criminal methods to dodge taxes gave the public valuable insight into a very specific kind of lie Trump and rich people all over have in common. Fred Trump, the president’s father, used a host of methods to transfer money to his children without paying any taxes. That included falsifying the amounts paid to vendors, getting appraisals that undervalued his properties, and buying a $15.5 million stake in one of his son’s properties before selling that stake for $10,000 a few

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