America has been a massive tax and secrecy haven for years. Are things getting better?

Two decades ago, few had any idea that the U.S. — thanks to both rigged tax structures and anonymous companies in states like Wyoming and Nevada — had already transformed into one of the world’s greatest tax and secrecy havens. While jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands and Switzerland grabbed headlines, the U.S. presented itself as the future of offshoring writ large. There’s a reason, after all, that the U.S. (and Delaware) led the Tax Justice Network’s inaugural “Financial Secrecy Index” a decade ago.

Now, thanks, to pushback from civil society groups, increased interest from academics, and bombshell revelations contained in document dumps like the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers — to say nothing of the current president’s finances — the past few years have featured a new and burgeoning awareness of the U.S.’s role as a global offshore mecca, as well as renewed policy

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