Corruption Currents: Bungling Russian Spies Exposed Cyberactivities, West Says


Israeli police arrested a transportation ministry official on bribery allegations; the story didn’t contain a response. Separately, two people were arrested at Ben Gurion Airport on allegations they bribed employees of a state-owned defense company. (Ynet, TOI, TOI)

Mexico is looking to the U.K. for inspiration as it considers new anti-bribery legislation. But the president is facing criticism for attending a lavish wedding of his aide. (LG, TeleSUR, Guardian)

Local cases: A former Maryland lobbyist was sent to prison after pleading guilty to bribing elected officials. The New Jersey governor said his hiring of a man convicted of bribery was meant to give him a second chance. A Detroit city councilman was charged with bribery; he couldn’t be reached for comment. (AP, AP, DN, AP)


Russian spies bungled part of an alleged cyberattack on the global chemical-weapons

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